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Jared proved more traditional than Gen: “He wanted our pictures taken after we were married. It was really important to him to NOT see me in my dress,” Gen said.

And Jared had already scored considerable points with her family by calling her stepfather and her two brothers to ask for her hand. The two were in New York, her mother said, and Jared suggested a visit to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, a place they had frequented. There, in front of their favorite painting, “Joan of Arc,” painted in 1879 by French realist Jules Bastien-Lepage, he proposed. “We knew it was happening and were just waiting for the call,” Gen’s mom recalled.

i just saw jareds expression and burst into tears of feels

Oh my gosh it’s wonderful to see things like this, it reminds me that everybody’s just a human being- animals that happen to stand up, smile, cry, laugh, invent, destroy, get married, and reblog awesome pictures like this.


If you’ve been:

        - physically abused

        - verbally abused

        - depressed

        - unbelievably stressed

        - had your heart broken

       - dealing/dealt with your parents separating

       - hiding stuff from friends/family cause you’re scared of being judged

       - judged for something you can’t help

       - self harmed

….Then reblog this to show people what reality is like for you.

Pieces of my life

Sometimes we don’t say I miss you, I love you, thank you, I’m sorry, you’re welcome, hello, or goodbye because we’re afraid. Sometimes I dont feel happy because I can’t remember how it feels- and when I am happy, I almost feel embarrassed to show it. I get being afraid to say things occasionally, but being afraid to feel something?
It might be normal however I think it’s not healthy to keep going in life and not change a few things (even if you don’t want to) in order to be happy. Shamelessly happy, that is.
I have to constantly work on my attitude and anxiety because I’m afraid of a lot of things, but I’ve improved a lot since I was 13/14.

I’ve had plenty of goals, long term and short term; Although my only wish is to be shameless, and feel comfort instead of fear in social situations. Like I said I’ve improved a lot but It’s always going to be a uphill battle so I’m never gonna quit. Quitting on this would be giving up on myself and I don’t think that’s even possible for me.

I need to be happy like I need to breathe; it’s hard now and then but I know I can. Sorry, not sorry.
P.S.- I smoke marijuana occasionally to help when my anxiety gets out of control, other times I manage just fine without it. I do not condone it, if anything I discourage its use. BUT if it helps you, and the pros outweigh the cons don’t feel bad about it. Just smile and wave at the Judgey Judgertons, ‘cause you don’t actually have to let them dictate your life. Who knew?!?! ;)

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